Torts case digest

A prior determination of the nature of the passengers cause of action is necessary. The record discloses that the officer who signed the report, Fire Major Eduardo P. The labor arbiter dismissed the complaint. Only when thecorporation has expressly directed the commission of such tortuous act, would the damagesresulting therefrom be ascribable to the corporation.


Lastly, the award of exemplary damages is impugned by petitioners. Petitioners next question the award of moral damages. Petitioner clearly violated the Filipino concept of morality and so brazenly defied the traditional respect Filipinos have for their women.

The labor arbiter dismissed the complaint.

Torts Case Digests 2

After analyzing the evidences [sic] and the circumstances underlying the situation, one can easily came [sic] to the conclusion that the fire started at the generator and extended to the bunkhouse and spread among the combustible stored materials within the construction site.

Our pronouncement that Timothy climbed out of the window because he could not get out using the door, negates petitioners' other contention that the proximate cause of the accident was Timothy's own negligence.

Torts Midterm Case Digest

Tuazon chose to file an action for damages based on a quasi-delict. He neither received money from the Genguyons, nor was he unjustly enriched. The case was dismissed by the lower court and plaintiffs appealed to the Supreme Court. Not satisfied with the police report, petitioners hired a private investigator submitted a report finding Tobias guilty.

T he deceased Dominador Palisoc and the defendant Virgilio L. The object hit Maria Cuadras right eye. You are currently viewing a preview The preview contains 4 out of 5 pages. Whoever by act or omission causes damage to another, there being fault or negligence, is obliged to pay for the damage done.

It ordered the latter to pay the following: The determination of whether or not P. Petitioner Gashem Shookat Baksh was an Iranian citizen, exchange student taking a medical course in Dagupan City, who courted private respondent Marilou Gonzales, and promised to marry her.

He never regained consciousness; finally he died. View Notes - Torts Case Digests (Calleja).pdf from LAW Law at San Beda College Manila - (Mendiola, Manila). 3D TORTS DIGESTS TORTS & DAMAGES Atty. Howard Calleja Digested by: IIID%(1).

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However, the civil action in this case was filed in court before the presentation of the evidence for the prosecution in the criminal action of which the judge presiding on the criminal case was duly informed, so that in the disposition of the criminal action no damages was awarded.

Torts Cases and Digest.

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or any similar topic only for you. Order now. corporation is civilly liable inthe same manner as natural persons for torts, because generally speaking, the rulesgoverning the liability of a principal or master for a tort committed by an agent or servantare the same whether the principal or master be a natural person.

Picart vs. Smith| Street March 15, | 37 Phil FACTS • Amando Picart seeks to recover from the defendant Frank Smith the sum of Php 31, as damages alleged to have been caused by an automobile driven by Smith.

The incident happened on Dec. Case Digest - Civil Law, Torts | TORTS. Sarkies Tours vs.

Torts Cases and Digest

CA, Fortades et al. GRN October 2, Romero, J.; FACTS: Private respondent Fortades boarded Sarkies Bus No. 5 with 3 luggages containing important things including documents. All were kept in the baggage compartment of the bus but during stopover, only one bag was recovered. In a criminal case, by contrast, the defendant who is convicted pays a fine to the government, serves jail time or is placed on probation as punishment for the crime.

Most crimes against another person or his property are also torts against that person.

Torts case digest
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